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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Still Talking?

Apparently Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are still talking. These talks are related to Suri and is probably the same things all soon to be divorced couples with kids discuss. Unless of course you are a Scientologist and your partner has left Scientology.

Then you are not allowed to talk to them for any reason at all. None. Zip. Nada. Unless of course you are Tom Cruise and seem to be making your own special rules as you go and nothing is being done. Meanwhile, thousands of families who split while in Scientology are not allowed to talk to their kids or their ex-spouses or grandparents or any other relatives that were in the church and left. Why does Tom Cruise get special rules?

At what point is there a revolution inside the church? Do these people not read what is happening with their most notable member? Don't they wonder wtf is going on? Where are all those COS members who invade the comments when I write about COS? What is their excuse? Did Tom get a special dispensation from Xenu?


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