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Tom Cruise and David Beckham Have Midnight Motorcycle Club?

Tom Cruise and David Beckham have reportedly set up a very exclusive late night club that wives Victoria and Katie Holmes are no part of...

According to the Mirror, Tom Cruise and David Beckham have set up a motorcycle club together in Los Angeles - and now they want other male celebrities to join them (but only if they go pillion) for late night riding sessions across the Hollywood Hills, with a source telling the paper:

"The boys love to ride - they're out as often as they can. At midnight they can get away with cruising around in a group and seeing the sights of LA without a zillion paparazzi chasing them around.

"They are trying to get other Hollywood actors like Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt to join the group. It's a case of the more the merrier."

They'll get sore bottoms after all that....

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