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Bubbles is Alive! La Toya Jackson in Documentary about Michael's Beloved Chimp

Remember Michael Jackson’s one onetime inseparable hairy companion, Bubbles? Well, contrary to popular rumour, the chimp is not dead.

Jacko’s sister La Toya reveals all in a new doco, Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story, for Animal Planet.

No, Bubbles hasn’t been pushing up the proverbial daisies, he’s been living it large in a primate sanctuary in Florida.

Jackson adopted Bubbles back in the day – 1985 we think. And they were inseparable. His hairy companion even slept in a crib in his bedroom. But Jackson had to let him go in 1990 when Bubbles reached adolescence and embraced his hormones.

Ahhhhhh, the way they were.

Watch a clip from the new doco here.


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