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Toddlers & Tiaras Mother Tori Hensley Creating Kid Energy Drink

A mother on Toddlers and Tiaras who was filmed giving her two year old a mixture of Mountain Dew, sweet tea and Pixie Stix, is now signing an energy drink deal to sell the mix to the public.

Tori Hensley used the drink to give her daughter Alexa a boost before pageants. 

While many have objected the drink, Hensley said she is negotiating a drink deal with a major company, and hopes it will be named "Tinker Tea."

Hensley thinks the drink will be marketed to pageant girls and dancers, as well as children with hyperactivity disorders.

"Caffeine actually reverses it in some children, not all, and can calm them down, instead of putting them on all these pills," Hensley said.

But child health experts warn that the high amount of caffeine in the drink is bad for children. A report in 2011 from the American Academy of Pediatrics said that children who have too much caffeine are at a higher risk of developing neurological and cardiovascular issues.

"Energy drinks are never appropriate for children or adolescents. In general, caffeine-containing beverages, including soda, should be avoided," the study authors said.

Dr. Sue Decotiis said, "Of all the dietary no-no's, soda is the worst. It's been associated with a dramatic rise in childhood as well as adult diabetes, more so than any other junk food."

She also said giving a child a drink like Tinker Tea is "really criminal."

"It causes a temporary rise in blood sugar, with a resultant insulin spike which lowers sugar an hour or so later, making the individual hypoglycemic and very hungry," she said. 

Hensley said the negative attention is unwarranted.

"A lot of people are very quick to judge you on an hour-long program," she said. "But they don't see her playing outside or eating a pork chop or broccoli. It's reality television, but it's not real."

On top of giving Alexa Tinker Tea, she also allows her to drink coffee.

"Whenever I drink it, she drinks it," Hensley said. "But I drink a lot of iced coffee, so it's not hot or anything."

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo


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