Toddler Says F-Word on Next Week's 'Modern Family'

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On next week’s 'Modern Family' episode, toddler Lily, who is two-and-a-half, somehow picks up the profanity “f–k.” This horrifies her parents who fear she’ll blurt it at an upcoming wedding. Lily is shown saying the word, but it’s not audible.

'Modern Family' creator Steve Levitan revealed the storyline during an ABC comedy panel at the network’s press tour presentation in Pasadena: “We had to really convince ABC. We thought it was a very natural story since, as parents, we’ve all been through this."

"ABC will tell you Modern Family gets away with a lot, because I think it’s all about context. We are not a sexually charged show. It has a very warm tone so people accept it more. I’m sure we’ll have some detractors.”


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