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Toddler Recites Her ABCs To Heavy Metal Music (Video)

A video featuring an unidentified toddler reciting her ABCs to heavy metal music is going viral on the web.

The 2-year-old girl adds her best snarl as she performs this cherished childhood classic.

According to, the girl's father uploaded the video (below) to YouTube.

The Independent notes that the toddler gets most of her letters right, struggles with Ms and Os, and calls for her mom at the end of her performance.

However, the adorable little girl is not the first kid to do this trick.

Yahoo! News reported in September 2014 about a video featuring Ethan Conrad who did a deep-voiced metal version of his ABCs with some head banging when he was just one year old.

Sources:, The Independent, Yahoo! News
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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