Today Show, Anderson Cooper’s Staff Do ‘Harlem Shake’ (Video)

Good news, America: there is a new dumb dance craze sweeping the nation.

Just as the public was finally beginning to realize how horrible dancing Gangnam Style truly was, The Harlem Shake decided to grab hold of the internet. And as is typically the case, when something takes hold of the internet, the rest of our country is sure to follow shortly thereafter.

On Wednesday morning, the ‘Today’ show team decided to do their part to further the decline of western civilization.

Check it out:

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"We have seen just about enough of that, that is the world premiere of The Harlem Shake "Today" show edition recorded with obviously no concern of embarrassment a short time ago," Matt Lauer said.

"I feel humiliated, mortified, but you know I appreciate the slow motion because we could really analyze your dance moves, Matt and Al, and they are impeccable," Guthrie added from Washington D.C.

Anderson Cooper’s team also decided to get in on the fun.

It is being reported that more than 12,000 Harlem Shake videos have been uploaded to YouTube this week. No word yet on what this has done to the cat video market.

(New York Daily News)


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