Tobey Maguire Won $30M in Shady Poker Games

Who needs a career as an actor if you can make $1M playing in shady poker games in hotel rooms? Well, that is exactly what Tobey Maguire did. For a period of three years from 2006-2009, Tobey Maguire earned approximately $30M gambling in what some are calling illegal poker clubs, but lets just say they operated in a very very gray area.

The reason this is all coming out is because one of the guys Tobey played against stole $25M from investors to play in these poker games. So, the victims of this guy's cheating want their money back and are going after people who have it, like Tobey Maguire. Tobey was named in a lawsuit saying he won about $300K from this guy including one bet of about $110K. Hello Spidey.

I remember a blind item about this ring way way back in the day. It included Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio. Apparently no one like Leo playing though because he could not stand to lose. If he lost $50K he would go crazy. Who knew Tobey was so good at poker.

Ben, Matt and Leo are not being sued, but Nick Cassevetes is and Gabe Kaplan. Oh, and Rick Salomon. Who knew he had that kind of money. It was a minimum of $100K just to walk in the door.


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