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Tina Simpson Writes Secret Murder/Suicide Note Following Joe Simpson's Gay Affair (Report)

Tina and Joe Simpson split after 35 years of marriage following affair rumors. At the time of the split it was alleged that Joe had a gay affair with Bryce Chandler Hill. RadarOnline is now reporting, that following the Simpson's divorce, Tina wrote a secret murder/suicide note.

“Tina was so distraught when she found out about Joe’s secret gay affair, she immediately wrote a suicide note,” a source close to the Simpson family told RadarOnline. “It was fairly detailed and she said she wanted to shoot herself for what Joe had done to their 35-year marriage. Worse still, Tina wanted to shoot Joe as well. She was just so angry with him."

Tina obviously didn't act out her alleged plan and instead decided to confront Joe.

"But, instead of killing herself, Tina headed straight to a New York hotel to confront Joe about Bryce Chandler Hill," the source continued.

However, Joe found the note and took it to his divorce lawyer.

“However, when Joe returned to the Encino home in Los Angeles they shared, he found the note, made a copy and gave it to his divorce lawyer as a bargaining tool for the settlement."

The Simpsons reportedly settled on a 50/50 financial split for their divorce, but the negotiations are still in the early stages.

Tina reportedly found out about Joe's affair after finding pictures.

“They were taken in and around the house and she was suspicious because she didn’t have a clue who the boy was,” a family source told RadarOnline.

“Tina sent Joe, who was back in New York, a text message asking if he had anything to tell her," the source continued. "She quizzed him about Bryce but he denied knowing the kid. But Tina knew where Joe was staying and wanted to confront him in person. Tina wanted answers. She flew to New York to make an unannounced visit to Joe.”


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