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Tina Fey Brings Back Her Sarah Palin Impression (Video)

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Actress Tina Fey recently appeared on 'Inside The Actors Studio' on Bravo where host James Lipton got her to answer a few questions as Sarah Palin, whom she has parodied on 'Saturday Night Live' (video below), reports Mediaite.com.

Lipton asked Fey about gun control and she answered as Palin: “I believe that if everybody had guns, then there would be fewer guns in the stores.”

When it came to gay marriage, Fey said: “Well, the bible says it’s gross, and I don’t judge. A lot of the amazing, wonderful people I met in the audience at 'Dancing with the Stars' seem to go that way. But, no, marriage is meant for people who wear different kinds of swimsuits,” reports EOnline.com.

“I don’t think of it as a man’s world or a woman’s world, unless again we’re talking about marriage. But I think of it as people being mavericks or not being mavericks.”

Source: Mediaite.com and EOnline.com


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