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Tim Tebow and Maria Menounos?

Maria Menounos has a boyfriend (Kevin Undergaro), but dammit, Tim Tebow doesn't care. From the New York Post:

Tim Tebow was the center of attention for all the women at ESPN the Magazine's Next party in Indianapolis on Friday night. Hordes of cocktail-dress-clad ladies surrounded the Denver Bronco quarterback, angling for a personal kneeling session.

But it was "Extra" host Maria Menounos who seemed to command his attention. While Tebow politely chatted with many of the girls, one source told us that "he only seemed to have eyes" for brunette beauty Menounos, who was spotted "chatting to Tebow for over an hour. It looked quite flirtatious. They were taking pictures Tebowing together." The two, along with a big group of friends, were the last to leave well after 2 a.m.


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