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Tila Tequila Thinks "The Onion" is Genuine News Source

Seriously, why have you come to Holy Moly for your gossip fix? You obviously didn't realise that Tila Tequila launched a much more entertaining, enlightening and ultimately credible celebrity news blog of her own only two weeks ago. So entertaining that she believed a made-up story from spoof news site The Onion was genuine, and went on to post her views on the fictional tale over on her website...

Tequila's website (we feel ashamed even writing 'Tequila' out as if it's a real surname) is called 'MissTilaOMG' and is basically just that sorry acronym, OMG, copied and pasted a million times. Or at least that's what it feels like if you even attempt to read it. Our eyes are still recovering from the pain endured trying to trawl through it.

Anyway, she stumbled across a news report on the brilliant satire website, The Onion, yesterday which she obviously found questionable... just not enough to realise it was deliberately that questionable because it wasn't true.

The news was this: that Drew Barrymore's brand new tell-all autobiography colouring book was about to hit the shelves.

Tila immediately skipped across to her blog to ask her readers "Would you buy Drew Barrymore's Autobiography Coloring Book?", genuinely believing that the actress had released a book called "Totally Me!" where the readers get to colour in the pictures to go with the words to her life of drug addictions, sexuality and weight struggles.

Once you've watched the video of The Onion's news report you will realise the full extent of how awful (and hilarious) Tila's mistake was, and wonder how any sane human being could actually be so bloody thick...

She has since taken her story down :(

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