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Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

I remember attending an EA press event that showcased a lot of their sports titles, and while most people were getting into the newest soccer, basketball, and boxing titles for XBOX and PS3, or even trying their luck with EA Sports Active, which was coming out soon, I spent most of my time with an iPhone in my hand.

I got to play with the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR App Game several months before it was released, and I couldn't put it down. It was, for me anyway, one of the first truly impressive App games.

Now we have a new version, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12, and it's available for the iPad as well as an iPhone App.

It's the same basic gameplay, though after messing with it a bit, I like the responsiveness of the swing a lot better, and putting is clearly less annoying, with a somewhat updated theory working behind it. Of course, that may have more to do with playing the game on the iPad than anything (I really don't know how much rework went into the actual gameplay aspects, apart from putting anyway), but it seems quite a bit easier to get the hook you're looking for, as opposed to your options coming down to straight vs. massive curve.

The real sell, as an update from a game you already have (which as a general rule makes less sense for an App vs. a standard console game), is that there is a lot more going on in the game now, and you have a much broader variety in your options. This obviously makes a "review" a tricky thing, because you know where you are on the gaming side of things already. I will say, however, that there seems to be a bigger curve insofar as upgrading your player. If you jump right into the PGA Tour, without playing any other modes in order to earn more money, and purchase upgrades, you won't even be able to reach the fairway on a lot of holes, and you'll have very little chance at any sort of control via the spin. Thus, since it will be outrageously difficult to make the cut, much less earn money, you're throwing away the entry fee.

The game looks amazing, especially given the difficulties and possibilities behind following a ball in flight, and the courses themselves are put together pretty spectacularly. I think that's all par for the course when it comes to this series though.

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There are some new courses, including the Predator fantasy course, which makes for some pretty crazy golf, especially if you're playing multi-player. There are also a selection of new golfers, and a "Closest to the Pin" Facebook Challenge, which doesn't do a lot for me, but is a pretty cool addition for those who want to show off to the friends.

Also new is "Tiger Challenge" mode, with 20+ mini-game challenges which give you a chance to get the money for those upgrades. A couple of these are a little weird, but overall these are great for putting together some money, and trying out your skills.

Overall, this is just as much an essential iPad App as the original game was a must have for the iPhone. With a variety of game modes, multi-player with Bluetooth or wifi, the new mini-games, and even better graphics, this is a game that not only delivers endless entertainment, but is a clear show off App for your iPad.

Absolutely worth the price, you will return to this one frequently, and for as long as you own your iPad.

Check out all the info below, including a video.

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Twice a week a new Par-3 hole will be chosen for the “Closest to the Pin” Facebook Challenge. Tee off and see how close you can get to the pin and where you rank amongst all your Facebook friends on the leaderboards.


Try the new “Tiger Challenge” mode that consist of over 20 mini-game challenges to earn money that can be used to participate in the PGA TOUR events or upgrade your custom golfer’s attributes.


All the courses and golfers have been dramatically enhanced to take full advantage of the larger iPad screen, and the iPhone/iPod touch retina display.


A FREE version of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® will be available for the iPhone and iPod touch. This version will give you full functionality to the “Closest to the Pin” Facebook Challenge, and also let you play 3 holes on the famous TPC Sawgrass course.


Challenge your friends to a round of golf using local wifi or Bluetooth. Play with different rules like skins, match play and more.


Play with new golfers Anthony Kim, Camilo Villegas, Paul Casey, Jim Furyk, Zach Johnson and Paula Creamer. Or see how you fare on the new courses - the fan-favorite Predator fantasy course, or the Old White Course at Greenbrier, home of the Greenbrier Classic.

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