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3 Reasons the World Needs More Eminem

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By Jacques Morels

Before we get started, I would like to send a shout out to whoever’s idea it was to put a pretzel…in an M&M. They taste great, and I am all the more happy to shamelessly plug it. Since my editorials are so personal, I ate Pretzel M&M’s throughout the writing of this piece.

Also, shout outs to Facebook for making it easier to creep with each new addition.


It's Actually Good Music
The radio has been flooded with worse music – Katy Perry MHM – but Eminem’s manages to stand out. Earlier radio singles would normally entertain Eminem’s wild voice while managing to stay subpar as a single.

I feel like all the money that is being put into his music is feeding a desire that is years in the making. Ever since Eminem disappeared and reappeared with "Relapse", this is the comeback that he really deserved.

"Relapse" truly was EH. Everything about it seemed…meh. For a time last year I thought he had really fallen off.

The Young Kids Need This
There are young kids who did not know who Eminem was! Then again, there are young kids that do not know who Dave Chappelle is. That is sad. With all these children listening to the radio full of Waka’s and Floka’s, real Hip Hop is hard to be found.

Of course they could just go on 2DopeBoyz and download it all for free like you just did 30 minutes ago. I am not talking to you though. The average person has never used a Hip Hop blog in any extent other than clicking the links on their more “hip” Facebook friends post.

Eminem Raps About LIFE

Everyone else in Hip Hop is rapping about the usual subjects; Drugs, Women, and Money. Correction, all the SINGLES on the radio are talking about that. However, Eminem has managed to talk about his life…and become even bigger off of that.

He is rapping about real subjects…something he has always done, but not as perfect as he is doing it right now. He came back from being addicted to pills. Prescription Pills is an ominous drug slowly creeping up on the American populace. Xanax…Klonopin…Vicodin…Percocet…Oxycotin IS HEROIN (J.I.C you did not know). Someone who came back from all of that is someone I want to listen to.

The music he is putting out is strong; forceful and energetic. How he managed to reinvent himself, I don’t know, but it is really f***ing dope.

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