“Thor” Movie: Full of Action, Fun, Humor

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Genres: Action/Adventure and Adaptation
Running Time: 2 hr. 10 min.
Release Date: May 6th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence.
Distributors: Paramount Pictures

Director: Kenneth Branagh

JJ Rating: A

See It Again: Yes.
Own it: Yes.
Recommend it to: almost anyone, but especially Marvel fans. It delivers.
Worth seeing in NYC: YES! Way worth it.

Acting…especially Tom Hiddleston


Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is about to be crowned king when frost giants invade a section of the kingdom where their beloved possession is guarded. They are unable to obtain it because a guardian was able to destroy them all. Odin (Anthony Hopkins) did not worry over the intrusion, but Thor roared and demanded justice. Odin told him how a king should act. Thor decides to act on his own and seek revenge with brother and companions in tow. Frost giants overwhelm them until Odin saves them and then banishes Thor to Earth for being a vain and haughty little boy. He has to learn to be more than an emotional man-child before he can be reunited with his beloved hammer. Thor.

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I did want to wait until the excitement wore off from going to the premiere on Monday in L.A., but I can’t hold off until it wears off. It doesn’t feel like it’ll ever go away. I was more excited to see the film with the actors there and Marvel than I was to actually see the stars walking down the red carpet. As in, I wanted to really see Thor in that environment. To say it was a thrilling few hours is an understatement. It was a fantasy of mine come true. I’ve always wanted to be there once at a film premiere…and I got to do it. Scratch that off my bucket list. How many people, no matter how rich they are, can say they’ve been to a premiere for free without knowing anyone? Yes, I’m limiting it. It makes me fee more special. Ha.

I would have much rather talked to the stars in a conversational like setting than actually get a picture with them or their autograph. Like talking to Chris about how awesome it was to hold Thor’s hammer and walk around being called Thor. How it felt to win that role? Not for an article or YouTube, but in a friend capacity…like me and my brother ran into a stuntwoman while we waited to go to the premiere. We talked to her and that was exciting. I do love movies. I couldn’t do the weight-morphing thing as they do in films. Get cut, get fat, get flabby, get this or that…depending on the role. I like to stay consistent in the weight department once I reach my ideal area. To see how built Chris is now compared to before Thor is remarkable. Now there’s a distinct difference between him and his brother. Before they looked similar enough to get confused if you didn’t know them well, but now, there’s no way to confuse the two.

It is an experience I will never forget. Nothing went wrong. Everything went (as the cliché goes) as planned. No rain, no clouds, just sun and a gentle breeze. Great personalities surrounding us in our holding pin creating a fun bubble that despite the pushy overbearing publicists, we still had fun. It was more than I could have asked for and many people’s hard work gave us an awesome experience. It’s hard to thank them all, but I’d like to try. I’m going to by writing letters.

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The photos are from my Evo and I’m pleased they look good, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t have my Nikon. A few months ago, someone broke my lens and I haven’t found a replacement within my price range. I feel naked without it. I used it all the time. When there’s an event where a Nikon is needed, it’s hard not to miss it. I gravely missed it at the premiere. I made do and for the most part, I think I got some good shots.

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After relinquishing our phones and cameras at the entrance of the El Capitan, we move on to get free drinks and popcorn and then up to our seats in the balcony where we sat three rows behind Masi Oka…who played Hiro Nakamura in the canceled due to writer’s strike screwed and stupid NBC’s “Heroes”. After getting emails for picture exchange, I walk up the aisle and tried to nod at him like a hi, but he ignored me. On the other hand, maybe I just looked retarded and he wanted to ignore a retarded fan. Either way he ignored me. If I could speak Japanese (as my last name says I should) he would have thought of me as superior to all those English speakers around us, for sure. We also saw Collin Farrell again, talking to someone further down.

Kenneth Branagh spoke about whom he appreciated and there was smattering of applause for many of the known stars from the balcony or the cheap seats or where those who were not part of the film sat. Few hoots and hollers for the main awesome people like Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins. Then the curtains on the stage light up as if we went back in time to the 1950’s, very old fashion neato-ish. The lights flashed, danced, spun, and played about the curtains as they rise, until they vanish leaving the Hollywood sign to glow alone.

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The screen flickered alive with Paramount stars pulling from the theater due to the 3D vision and Thor began with no fifteen-minute previews.

I didn’t mean to go into that, but since I did…I’ll leave it.

Thor was downright godlike. Massive in action, fun, humor and comic greatness. Thor was never one of my favorites, but watching him in an animated film of the Avengers gave me a spark of interest. His egotistical humor didn’t match Namor’s self-centered anger or Iron Man’s rich man’s wit, but it had godly charm with a pinch of childlike eagerness. I really like the idea of Thor’s hammer. The fact that it cannot be lifted by anyone no matter how strong they are, they actually have to be worthy to lift it. It looks freaking awesome. I want to hammer nails with it. They should make a hammer look like that and I’d carry it around me everywhere no matter if there were a TSA agent around. I would love to see Thor go through TSA security and they try to take his hammer. Oh, that would make my day. I hate the faux security they provide.

Tangent not necessary.

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Everyone’s acting was on the mark. Chris Hemsworth (no matter what those retarded fans of “Sons of Anarchy” have to say) did a mighty fine job as Thor. He has the look and the mannerisms to pull it off. On top of his emotional shift from egotistical godlike to humble human was a drastic shift that added a dynamic that had a different affect in Thor showing him as a mentally defeated human no longer a god. That's why I picked the screen shot. I enjoyed the acting when he felt small because of the emotional depth. The idea that he’d have to look like a model to be Thor is not only stupid and dumb; it’s totally off the mark for what Thor is. He might be the god of thunder, but that doesn’t mean he’s the god of too hot. He’s as good looking as is necessary for the role. He needn’t be so good looking it distracts from the role. People are moronic in their need for everyone to look as they wish them to be.

Natalie Portman did a good job in a charming, passionate manner. She worked what she was given well. She added to the allure of the entire Thor world that this film created. Clark Gregg is back again as Awesome Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. I love this character. He’s a perfect blend of fanciful facetiousness and get the job done attitude. He isn’t afraid of a god no matter how mighty. Kat Dennings did a good job as the friend of Jane Foster (Portman). Anthony Hopkins was a great Odin showing power and grace via his presence alone. I love the scene between him and Thor telling him how vain Thor is. His voice bellowing in gateway is a marvelous sound to hear. Above all Tom Hiddleston as Loki was mischievously medieval. I will stand out on a limb all by myself and state he deserves a nomination for that portrayal. Controlled, simple, smooth, meticulously awesome and when necessary he roared with the best of them, and quite frankly he was.

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The film is 2+ hours and I didn’t feel a single minute of it weight down on me like Mjölnir. It past quicker than I imagined possible. A rollercoaster of superb filmmaking. I had trouble with Daredevil’s fight scenes and therefore understand terrible fighting, however Thor had great fight scenes that showed amazing CGI that is as magical as the realm the film takes place in.

The story is uncomplicated as it should be. No need to make a complicated story that twists through the realms of confusing. Similar to Cain and Able, Thor’s story maneuvers through a fragile brotherly relationship. One thinks they have nothing to offer and is jealous of the other. So jealous he ends up doing something that is unforgivable and even though it is, it doesn’t remove the love for him by his family. Humor and wit tailored for Thor weaved in and out from beginning to end. At times it could be considered clichéd, what Thor cannot be considered is boring. Anyone disagreeing with that is just a DC loving prick.

And after what Superman decided to do with citizenship, one should reconsider ever liking DC again. They are pissing on the idea of Superman with political whining that X-Men writers deal with in a savvier manner that isn’t IN YOUR FACE. /Tangent

The information age is wonderful in all respects except the need to know EVERYTHING realm. I don’t think the great comedy of Clue could be made today with the three different endings as it was created because people would just film it and spoil everything. I wonder how awesome that was to watch it and say how you couldn’t believe this person did it and someone else state that’s not how it ended…but that couldn’t happen today. Just like the end credits scene is spoiled if you look for it. It ruins the anticipation of the event. I’m glad when I sat there watching the great end credit extravaganza in 3D I didn’t know. It was neat to watch with the swirls and twists of space going on. The end scene was a tad confusing because I didn’t know what I was looking at and I’m a comic fan, but not so fanatical over Thor as I am over X-Men or even the Avengers, so the object I saw I didn’t get it until I did a little research…hence how information can be wonderful. I still like excitement of not knowing and the anticipation of an event more than just knowing…sans the elimination episode of American Idol. I just want to know.

Another annoying thing are gamers who compare Thor’s video game to Gods of War. Everything borrows from something else. If you really start to nitpick one can say Gods of War stole from Thor’s comic which has been around ages. Gamers are so out of touch with history. I know it’s based off Greek Gods and they’ve been around longer. So not the point.

Aside from the gamers and the nitpicky dofus weirdos, I believe many people will enjoy Thor. I love it, but many will just find it entertaining. I could be very bias due to seeing the premiere and my excitement over it could affect my view, but I don’t think so. I’m well aware of my excitement factor, but it’s not a blinded by what makes a great film. Thor is fantastic, fantasy of mighty superhero greatness that works. Someone said that it’s a film about a hero that’s already powerful who loses that power and has to regain it again. I never thought of it that way, that’s very true. The hammer’s power is phenomenal in that it itself is a character with a funky name.

Thor is everything that a summer movie should be as well as a superhero movie should be. A standard that Marvel has created with Iron Man only to step it up with Thor the mighty Marvel movie that jumpstarts Summer with a fresh bolt of refreshing lightning. The God of Thunder trumps the silver screen. One can only imagine how great Captain America will be when it arrives. I use to think that Captain America was the one to watch out for, and I still do, but now it has to outdo Thor. And the only way it can do that is by inviting me to the premiere of Captain America. So not joking.

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