Genderless Baby in Canada: Let the Parents Be


When I saw the story earlier this week about the Canadian couple who had a child they named Storm, but did not want to share the gender of the baby, for what they said were freedom and choice, I thought the story would flame out pretty quickly.

I mean, what is the big deal about one couple in the entire world who did not want to identify the gender of the baby to the world. Were they doing it for publicity? I kind of think so.

It was interesting to me that within a day or two of the announcement they sent friends, a reporter from the Toronto Star had a story ready to go about the decision of the couple. They had no problems identifying their other children as male or female.

I also think it is not really any of our business what they do in their house as long as it does not harm the child. Does it really matter at four months old, if the baby is wearing pink or blue? How is that going to affect their future?

I don't think their argument is necessarily valid though. I think society might try and put limits once a gender is established, but ultimately it is up to the parents to allow their child the freedom to explore and if they provide no limits because of gender, then I don't think the child will have any.

When a baby is four months old, or a year old, it is not society who is imposing the gender stereotypes, it is the parents.


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