People Mag: What Did Lindsay and Paris Think About Tsunami?


In the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan, lots of celebrities are tweeting their thoughts and prayers. With all of the celebrity Tweets to choose from, who did Kneepads choose to highlight? Lea Michele, Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan.

First of all lets start with Lindsay. Yes, I know I just wrote about her earlier, but look at this Tweet.

"My mommy just woke my sister and i [sic] up to this!" she said. "god [sic] bless those that are in fear."

First of all this happened like 10pm Pacific Time. The only way Lindsay and Ali Lohan were sleeping at that hour was if they were passed out or had not got up from the night before. Plus, why in the f**k are you calling her mommy? Are you 10 years old? In my mind I think the Tweet should have been like this.

"Dina the witch went to the bathroom so Ali and I decided to take her share of the coke. She came back in and said there had been a tsunami in Japan. Looting!!"

At least Paris and Lea said normal things. My question to Kneepads is why did you choose these particular people to highlight Tweeting for such a tragic event?


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