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Actresses Bianca Kajlich and Megyn Price Devoted to Comedy and Charity

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Bianca Kajlich of CBS' Rules of Engagementis not only on a funny show, but she likes to keep it light in person, too. The bubbly, personable actress laughs that she thinks "there's at least some piece of narcissism" in every actor or else they'd be doing something else and even admits that she has adopted a former acting coach's motto of "Dare to suck." This attitude of going-all out doesn't just apply to her acting roles but life in general, which is why she's so glad to be a part of great charity groups.

"I really feel like to be someone who is recognizable and to be able to lend that to something else is one of the absolute most fulfilling things that this job has created for me," Kajlich explains.

"The big one that I am supporting at this moment is the Amputee Coalition of America. My brother is a double amputee, and we just went over the summer and were counselors at a camp in Ojai. It was a phenomenal, life-changing experience for both of us."

Kajlich says that even without the personal connection to this cause, she feels it is more than worthy of time, effort, and money. The camp at which she volunteered sends kids from all over the country to the facilities for a chance to be amongst others who are struggling with the same things they are. It's a little bit of a self-esteem boost for some kids who may have a tough time in their daily lives. And it is run solely on donations.

"To see that in a business where it’s so much about what you look like and how you present yourself, to see these kids who have stepped forward and really said ‘I don’t care; there’s nothing I can do about the fact that I don’t have a leg or I don’t have arms’—it was interesting because I literally left from the camp to a film set to shoot a movie, and it really helped me to look at it and realize it doesn’t matter at the end of the day. I love what I get to do for a living; I am absolutely blessed that I get to do it, but it’s not the most important thing. And these kids inspired me so much," Kajlich shares.

But more than than, Kajlich wants to be able to offer a similar self-esteem boost for the young girls of the world who are looking at film and television and seeing skinny, skinny girls and feeling the pressure. Kajlich calls herself "a bigger girl" when it comes to Hollywood standards, even though she acknowledges that anywhere else in the world she would not be perceived as big at all. In a family with young female cousins, Kajlich is faced with the task of being a role model close to home, as well as across the globe.

"I want young girls to see that at the end of the day, we’re real people," she says. "We go home and battle the same insecurities!"

Well maybe Kajlich should team up with her Rules of Engagement co-star Megyn Price, then, because Price, too, is a charitable one. She raced in the Long Beach Grand Prix earlier this year, where partial proceeds go to the Children's Hospital. She and her ER doctor husband actually support a lot of similar children's hospital charities, in addition to adult daycare centers that offer active options for seniors, as well as older people with disabilities (Price's brother has Down's Syndrome and attends such a center whose budget has been unfortunately cut in these tough times).

But furthermore, Price says she wants to "get involved with more causes this year-- ones that have a little bit more to do with girl power, you know?"

If these two women joined forces, there's no telling what they'd be able to accomplish! And hmm, maybe IBG Inc should team up with them, too!

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