Dr. Drew Approves of Anthony Weiner's Decision to Seek Help


Dr. Drew says it will be very beneficial for NYC Congressman Anthony Weiner to seek some help. The doctor agrees wholeheartedly with his decision and thinks maybe — maybe — the man can be saved from the dark pit of shame his weiner has thrown him into.

For those of you who think that all hope is lost for The Weiner, Dr. Drew is optimistic and had this to say about the congressman’s latest decision (aw, he’s so nice, isn’t he always looking on the bright side?). . .

“This is very good news for the Congressman and his wife. Treatment can often save marriages in situations like this and get them to a very good place, provided both partners participate.”

Regarding Weiner’s decision to step away from his work, the doctor adds, “I hope this is a sign that he is putting the important priorities in his life ahead of his political concerns.”

Hope everything goes well, Mr. Congressman! CDL wishes you luck. And remember, put that Twitter of yours away!


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