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"Twilight" & "Eclipse" Movies Encourage Real-Life "Blood Sipping"

On June 30, the movie Eclipse based on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels will suck millions of dollars at box offices worldwide from the pockets of young and old alike -- especially teenage girls. When the evil vampiress Victoria seeks revenge for the death of her lover James, romantic rivals Edward Cullen and Jacob Black unite the forces of vampire and werewolf to defeat her, and to protect Bella.

It's a wholesome love story, right?

Wrong! warns occult researcher and bestselling author of 24 books Steve Wohlberg in The Trouble with Twilight: Why Today's Vampire Craze is Hazardous to Your Health (Destiny Image, July 2010). "Twilight has positive features," notes Wohlberg, "but it is laced with occultism, contains mixed moral messages, and is now fueling the dangerous practice of sipping real blood among teens and adults." Major media have reported on this bizarre phenomenon:

ABC News: Coming Out of the Coffin: Vampires Among Us
The Washington Post: A Vampire's Life: It's Really Draining
Fox News: Night Neighbors: Members of America's vampire subculture could be living right under your nose

One popular teen vampire website offers "Advice on the problems and issues teen vamps face: school, parents, coping with awakening, how to enter the vampiric community without looking like a fool, and more." Included is this quote:

"I am turning 17 in a month, and I find it is very hard to find a donor because people either think that you are some stupid child or that you are too young. Too young? It's not really our choice that we were awakened, especially not at this time when so much is going on. It's yet another thing to add to the list of teenage problems!"
-- Anonymous

This teen has been "awakened" to vampirism. Wohlberg hopes his new book will "awaken" God's people to these perilous times.

"Pop culture has fallen under the hypnotic trance of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga. Thank God for Steve Wohlberg!" -- Adam McManus, Radio Talk Show Host, AM 630, KSLR

Steve Wohlberg is the Speaker/Director of White Horse Media (Newport, WA) and has been a guest on over 500 radio and television shows, including CNN Radio, Cable Radio Network, Focus on the Family, American Family Radio, and The Harvest Show. He has been cited in The Washington Post, has spoken by special invitation inside the Pentagon and U.S. Senate.

To download Chapter 1 of Steve Wohlberg's book for free, visit  


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