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The Sunday Scoop: Koon Comes Close as FTOPS Reigns

With a $1.5 million guarantee, FTOPS XIX Event #24, a $300+$22 No-Limit Hold'em tournament, was bound to be big. But allowing multi-entries made it massive.

The event saw 11,343 entries making the prize pool a guarantee-doubling $3,402,900. A total 1,350 places paid with the top five all booking six figures.

In the end, it came down to WPT Festa al Lago fourth-place finisher Jason "NovaSky" Koon taking on AD_84 heads up with a $527,449.50 first-place prize on the line.

The lead changed hands several times before AD_84 took it for good, won the coveted FTOPS jersey and forced Koon to settle for the massive $357,304.50 second-place prize.

In the meantime, Markus Golser hosted the $120+$9 NL Hold'em Knockout Multi-Entry Tournament with a $1,000,000 guarantee.

And once again, multi-entries ensured that the guarantee was more than doubled with 23,342 entries creating a $2,334,200 prize pool.

LilPokerGirlie took home $279,428.09 and the FTOPS Jersey after striking a deal with FTOPS XI title holder daCav04, who walked away an even bigger winner banking $290,000.00.

And finally, Erica Schoenberg played host to Event #23, a $150+$13 Rebuy that drew 1,791 players and 2,213 rebuys.

npomocc took the title and $166,396.50 getting the best of NeverBettor ($109,854) heads-up.

It's a rare ocassion when The Sunday Million isn't the largest event on any given Sunday in online poker.

Especially when 8,695 players help create a guarantee-smashing $1,739,000 prize pool.

This was that day, however, and instread of becoming the day's biggest winner, keyzerrr had to settle for the $255,806.90 first prize and becoming the day's biggest winner on PokerStars.

pink_outs took second and $186,942.50 while richiebro grabbed third and $130,425.00.

Another 5,165 players entered PokerStars' Sunday Warm-Up helping the prize pool crest the $1 million mark.

Liv Boeree followed up a win here last week cashing 524th for $361.55, but it was tytkto's day.

Five handed, tytkto had over half of the chips in play and although he struck a deal with ziggy47 heads-up, still managed to walk away with the title and $151,936.69.

ziggy47 collected $130,000 for the runner-up finish.



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