The Six Days of LOST Begins...


Back during December 2009, I entered into what some called an "impossible feat." I set out to watch one Christmas movie a day for the thirty days between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. I wanted to get into the spirit, relive some of the innocence of my youth, and quite frankly, challenge myself to come up with new and unique aspects of some very formulaic products about which to write. Perhaps surprisingly to some, my experiment was a success! I didn't run out of movies, nor did I tire of the project mid-way through and simply give up. In fact, I had so much fun with it I decided I would do it again next year, only instead of movies, I would watch a different television show's "Very Special Christmas episode" each day. But Christmas is still more than six months away, and lately I've had the itch to try another similar experiment on for size!  

This week I am setting out to catch up on the first five seasons of LOST-- yes, all ninety-eight episodes from seasons one through five!-- before the series comes to a (bitter?) end on May 23. As those of you who are long-time readers know, I stopped watching LOST in its original run during the first half of the first season. I just felt like they weren't giving me enough back story on the characters to really care about them and get invested. Piling mystery on top of mystery was not really for me, and then along came a polar bear, and I was like: "I'm out!"

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I started watching again right before the end of season five (and have continued with season six) just because I wanted to see how it ended from a pop culture point of view. But having a bunch of free time on my hands-- and wanting to challenge myself yet again-- I am setting out to catch up in only the next six days. Why six days? I'm not really sure; I just liked the sound of the nice, round number. Besides, there are six seasons. Is that insane? Perhaps, but impossible? Never!

I plan to blog about my adventures and escapades, and I apologize to any long-time fans of the series if my early ramblings are outdated and raise questions and criticisms you brought up years ago. I may not write much, as I may be a bit bleary-eyed, but I will update you all on my progress. In fact, I may only update you on my progress and not really write about anything else this week. After all, ninety-eight episodes (I will not be re-watching the first half of season six because they are not yet available on DVD) at about forty-five minutes each is just under 75 hours of television to watch as consecutively as possible. I won't have time to write about much else-- I probably won't even have much time to watch my regularly scheduled weekly programming!

Hmmm...suddenly this particular experiment seems to offer more intrusion than reward!!


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