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"Jersey Shore" Star The Situation Has a Clothing Line

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, star of MTV's reality show "Jersey Shore," has debuted the first piece from his upcoming clothing line.

On his Facebook page, the all caps-loving Sorrentino writes: "check out a SNEAK PREVIEW of my SOON TO BE RELEASED, HOT TO DEATH, SITUATION DILLIGAF TANK TOP on my dawgg Jonny Manfre, better known as Jonny "the Unit" - find it in the near future, as well as my whole line on my soon to be dropped website & on as well as in cool stores across the world - #GTL - #situationnation"

If you can decipher all that Jersey Shore lingo and Twitter-speak, good for you. If not, here's a translation: The Situation's friend Jonny Manfre is modeling his new tank top, which bears the legend "SITUATION DILLIGAF."

The latter word is an acronym for "Does it look like I give a f***?" This acronym is also the name of the Situation's official clothing line. #GTL means "Gym, Tan, Laundry."

These three tasks, according to the Situation, must be done every day in order to stay "fresh and mint." The hash is a Twitter convention which enables users to look for all tweets containing a particular "tag" - in this case, GTL, and situationnation, otherwise known as the Situation's fan club.

If you need someone to explain to you what Jonny "the Unit"'s nickname means, kindly look elsewhere.


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