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“The Other Guys” Movie: Flat-Out Awesome

Genres: Action/Adventure and Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 47 min.
Release Date: August 6th, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for crude and sexual content, language, violence, and some drug material.
Distributors: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Director: Adam McKay

JJ Rating: A-
See it again: Yes.
Own it: Most likely.
Recommend it to: Those that like Will Ferrell.

There are the guys that get all the play, the action, the fun in the movie cop world and then there’s…The Other Guys.

“Really, who is she?” Terry (Mark Wahlberg) said constantly after meeting Allen Gamble’s (Will Ferrell) wife. It is running gags like that which made The Other Guys funny, funny and more funny. The Captain, or just Gene (Michael Keaton), gets stuck on a singing group and quotes them, but fails to realizes he’s quoting them or who, for that matter, they are. It was so refreshing and great to see. I love comedies. That’s my second favorite genre after Comic Book films. Clue is my all time favorite movie. I like when comedies don’t take themselves too seriously. The Other Guys doesn’t do that. If I were an owl I’d say it was a hoot. That sounds lame. I’m not an owl.

Wahlberg and Ferrell are the odd couple to group together. They were able to mesh well with their styles; it turned into something awesome. They spend so much time together on screen that if they couldn’t get good chemistry going, things would just be awkward. To have Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson make a very "them" cameo was genius. The way they exit…more genius. The film has a comedic genius. It’s classic. The best part of the trailer was “That’s a wooden gun” and then Ferrell pops Wahlberg in the face with it. It’s like getting a small paper cut on your finger and feeling a lot of pain. The Other Guys do a lot of small things, but get big laughs.

I know that a comedy is great when I think back and just laugh. I think back on The Other Guys and I just laugh. Eva Mendes has this soft/strong personality she plays, and it works well with her character and the scenes she’s in. Not only does her beauty distract from the other actors, her acting does. So when Wahlberg gives that air of "You’re with him," she reacts with the right amount of soft innocence and love that is funny for this type of comedy.

The Other Guys is good stuff, and if this was a Snapple commercial I’d state that it was made from the best stuff, but that The Hangover was made from better stuff. I’m comparing comedies here. Gotta, I’m waiting for that comedy to come along and surprise me and make me laugh as hard as that one did. Maybe it’ll be Jackass 3D (the other two had me tearing), or Due Date -- My dad would never do that, he loved me.

Or the best…

If you’re allergic to waffles then don’t eat waffles.


Oh…but The Other Guys got good lines too. “Oh, he’s flying.” Oh, and the entire diatribe about the lion and the tuna…perfect. At the Alamo Drafthouse, they were showing all kinds of clips before and they have police video talking about crime with Will Ferrell as Gamble talking. Good stuff. Bunch of profanity that’s not for PG-13 ears, though, but still made the experience that much better. Go Alamo. Content that pertains to the film as people wait for it to start.


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