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Rapper T.I. and Wife Arrested for Pot Possession

I really thought T.I. had his act together. After serving almost a year in jail for possessing unregistered machine guns and silencers, I thought he was doing the right things, staying out of trouble, making music and movies and getting married.

Well, he obviously wants to spend more time in federal prison, because he got arrested last night for pot possession. He also got his wife arrested, because now they are married he wanted to introduce her to his world. The inside of a prison.

The idiot was released from federal prison on the proviso that he not get arrested for anything and test negative for drugs.

Well, I guess that is out the window. This is the federal government we are talking about here. This is not going to be some overworked bureaucratic Los Angeles County employee.

This is the federal government who does not care that you are T.I. Yes, the drug was just pot, but I have no sympathy for the guy. At least do the drug at home. Why on earth would you be cruising through West Hollywood with the windows down passing a joint back and forth with your wife? Is three years in jail worth that? You can't wait until you get home?


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