"Twilight" Book-Cover Hand Model Desperate for Fame

When you are a hand model, I guess it is easy to see why you would want some fame. That being said, I think hand model Kimbra Hickey needs to tone it down a notch. I know you have never heard of Kimbra, but if you have ever seen the cover of Twilight, those are her hands holding the apple.

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She got paid $300 for the job, but wants a big piece of the Twilight money. So, she tells everyone she sees who is reading the book that they are her hands. She carries an apple in her purse with her at all times, and she has been known to hang out at bookstores by her home to remind people. She is doing all of this because she wants to get into acting. Uh huh. She also wants a piece of those Twilight conventions. I bet she makes more in an hour at those things then she did for the book cover. How desperate do you have to be for attention that you hang out at bookstores and bug people on trains? That just screams of desperation. Can you imagine if you came out of a movie and some guy was standing there who said, "Did you see me in the movie? I was waiter #4. I'm happy to autograph your ticket stub."


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