Bad Idea? Gwyneth Paltrow Signs Record Deal


Gwyneth Paltrow is a good singer. Probably better than average. Is she better than the usual top 3 of American Idol? No. For some reason, though, Atlantic Records has decided they would like to spend $1M or so on an advance to the Goopster, and however much she costs them in recording time, and given her a record deal.

I am not sure why. The only reason I can think of is they are kissing Chris Martin's butt. Really, what other reason is there? Yes, The Goopster will get publicity for her record and be able to go on talk shows and promote it, but Scarlett J could do that too, but if the record sucks, then it won't make any difference. Songs are going to have to be bought.

This just seems like Atlantic had an extra couple of million sitting around and decided to spend it on a vanity project for Gwyneth. Great for her, but lousy for the band that is good and wanted a deal, and bad for the listening public who will have The Goopster thrust on us like free samples at a Costco.


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