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Gwyneth Paltrow Gained and Lost 20 Pounds This Year

According to The Goopster's trainer, Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow gained 20 pounds from her all-time low, which was achieved during the filming of Iron Man 2. Tracy says that The Goopster was ordered to gain weight for her role in Country Strong, and ended up gaining 20 pounds.

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Of course, because The Goopster takes pride in being able to lose weight magically, it took no effort for her to lose the 20 pounds easily. Like instantly. Like never had to exercise any more than she ever has. Well, I suppose if I never ate anything, I would lose weight easily too.

Oh, and Tracy says that she worked The Goopster out really hard for 90 minutes yesterday to get her ready for the CMA performance tomorrow night. "I made her sweat. The CMAs is a tough stage to share." Uh huh. Look at the pictures above. I don't see 20 pounds. Hell, I didn't even think The Goopster weighed 20 pounds.


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