Legendary 80s Movie "Goonies" to Become Broadway Musical


Wonderful news everybody! The Goonies is being remade into a musical! For anyone who doesn't know what the Goonies was, it was a film made in 1985 that involved children, adventure, treasure, possible incest, physical and mental retardation, and pirates. It was also a film that an entire generation grew up deeply in love with, only to have it cheapened by the next one, who simply wore the t-shirt simply to prove how alternative and retro they were. They didn't even know who Mikey was, man. They didn't even know.

According to Richard Donner, who directed the original film and also has a name that makes us hungry (Via The Sun):

"We're really trying extraordinarily hard to get it made.

"It's a tough road, Broadway is another world totally, and hopefully, probably around September, we'll be talking positively.

"We have Tim Long doing the book (writing the music and lyrics for a stage show) and it's quite good.

"The process on Broadway is another world. But if we're going there with Goonies, which has such a great following, a great life, it has got to be the right thing.

"Hopefully we'll be presenting it to you in the spring of the following year."

"Goonies has an incredible following, and we must be true to it. Hopefully Broadway accepts what has worked for Goonie fans before. If they do, we're a hit but if they don't..."

Can't wait to see Sloth's musical/dancing number.

Finally, we also thought it was worth having another look at the amazing cast reunion Empire did for their 20th Anniversary edition (which itself was absolutely brilliant, get it if you haven't already) so we've stuck the video up above. Hey you guys.

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