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Bob Mewse Sees Self on Google Street View, Loses 100 lbs

Maybe what I need is Google Street View to take my picture to make me want to lose weight. It certainly worked for Bob Mewse, who lost almost 100 pounds after seeing himself on Google. At this time last year, Bob weighed just about 300 pounds. He told The Telegraph that he was horrified when he saw himself, so started eating better and exercising, and now, a year later, weighs just under 200 pounds.

Now, he says it was because he saw the picture that he started his program, but he did say at the time he was so heavy that he could not walk and talk at the same time. Umm, to me that would have probably said I needed to do something.

Even as much as I love to eat and abhor exercise, if I had trouble walking and talking at the same time, I would make a change. 

Whatever the reason he started, I am happy for him and his family, and hopefully he will get his picture taken again by Google.


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