The CW Announces New Fall Lineup


The CW announced its new fall schedule this morning, and like their older counterpart (CBS), they played quite a game of musical time slots with some of their hit (and struggling) shows! As expected there are no new comedies for this year, but there are a couple of new melodramas. Old-fashioned darling Life Unexpected is back as previously reported, but the network managed to keep one secret: it is getting a full, much deserved order this time! There are absolutely no surprises on this list, even though there are titles that should have been long gone years ago (*cough, One Tree Hill and Smallville, cough*)


8 - 9 pm - 90210

9 - 10 pm - Gossip Girl


8 - 9 pm - One Tree Hill

9 - 10 pm - Life Unexpected


8 - 9 pm - America's Next Top Model

9 - 10 pm - Hellcats


8 - 9 pm - The Vampire Diaries

9 - 10 pm - Nikita


8 - 9 pm - Smallville

9 - 10 pm - Supernatural

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Supernatural-- or more specifically, Jensen Ackles-- so I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the new time slot. Many feel that Friday night is the kiss of death for a program. Many feel that coupling it with a show known to be on its last legs is even worse. Those people aren't really wrong. However, word has been going around that the sixth season of this series will most likely be its last, too, anyway, so it is not surprising for the network to make this move even though the fandom and the ratings are still thriving. Also, on a personal note, I really enjoy spending Friday nights "in." I have a weird ritual of reading Entertainment Weekly in a bubble bath and then watching The Soup. I guess come fall, I'll just take those baths earlier so I can watch Supernatural and then The Soup!

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