New "Celebrity Apprentice" Includes Jose Canseco, Lil Jon

NBC and The Donald (Trump) are gearing up for another season ofThe Celebrity Apprentice. The upcoming installment will be the fourth. The current season of the "regular" Apprentice is leaving much to be desired, and Trump will be more than ready for a comeback when this concludes.

There is, of course, a cast list being leaked on the internet. What’s new, right? Trump always tries to act all butt-hurt when his cast gets leaked, but I think he’s the one pushing behind the scenes to have it leaked. More hype, right?

So far, it’s looking like a very interesting, mixed up cast.  Take a gander at the list below and see if you are at all interested in watching Donald Trump fire these celebs:

-Richard Hatch

-Jose Canseco

-Niki Taylor

-Lil Jon

-Mark McGrath

-Lisa Rinna

-Star Jones

-Dionne Warwick

-LaToya Jackson


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