Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox: Who's 1st Album will Do Better?


Season 9 of American Idol has finally come to an end, and after many exhausting weeks of performances, America has a new American Idol Superstar. When the search for the next American Idol superstar started in the summer of 2009, Lee Dewyze never could of imagined the journey that stood before him. Once a Chicago paint sales clerk, now a singing sensation, loved by millions of fans around the world. Lee never dreamed that standing along side of tens of thousands of hopeful American Idol contestants, that he would be the last man standing.

This season of American Idol brought on some of the stiffest competition when have seen in quite awhile. Crystal Bowersox was labeled a fan favorite right from the very start of the season, and actually held her place in the top throughout the season. It was not until only a few weeks ago, that Lee Dewyze took over the spotlight and really gained a large fan base of American Idol fans. Lee reminds some of a previous American Idol contestant you might now know as the amazing Daughtry. Although Daughtry did not win American Idol, he has continued his journey to entertain and has become one of the most successful bands performing today. The passion that Lee Dewyze displays in each and every performance, is sure to carry him a long way in his career.

America can not wait to see what is to come from this rising star. He has brought himself a long way in the competition, and what tough competition it was. Crystal Bowersox certainly gave Lee Dewyze a run for his money, even up until the very end. It was such a close fight to the finish, that up until they announced the winner, it was anyone’s game. Lee stated time and time again how proud he was to be performing with such a talented singer as Crystal Bowersox. We are sure to see her name in the headlines, despite not being named the Next American Idol Superstar.

In fact, these two may very well be up against each other yet again, according to online sportsbooks.Entertainment betting lines have odds on which of these two performers will who’s first album will debut higher on the Billboard 100. Lee is currently leading the odds, but we know how quickly that can change.

Who’s first album will debut higher on the Billboard 100?
All wagers have action.
Lee DeWyze     -250
Crystal Bowersox   +170


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