Bruce Willis, Demi Moore War Over Rumer?


I think things have been a little colder between Bruce Willis & Demi Moore since Bruce got married. I think prior to Bruce getting married that he would sometimes come over and say hello to Demi personally if you know what I mean.

This probably kept their bond tight while Ashton sat downstairs and played with his crayons. Now though, I don't think that happens, but I still don't think they are probably at war like The Enquirer suggests. Apparently they are fighting over the parenting of Tallulah.

Instead of fighting over whether Rumer should just give up acting or at least consider hiring an acting coach they are supposedly fighting over whether a 17 year old should have had a chaperon to Coachella. Not likely going to happen.

Bruce is also upset that Tallulah got busted for underage drinking the week after being spotted chain smoking and showing off a tattoo in a place not many 17 year old kids have one. Hey, but on the bright side at least she is not acting.


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