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Sandra Bullock "People" Pics Taken Before Breakup: Jesse Edited Out?

First thing when you see the Sandra Bullock "Kneepads" cover with Louis? Single mom who gets joy and love from her son? That despite all the crap she went through, her son is there for her? Yeah, I think that is what they were going for AFTER the scandal broke.

The problem is that the photos were taken BEFORE the scandal broke. In fact, they were taken two days after the Oscars, and Jesse James was right there the entire shoot, and is probably in some of the photos.

You know, like mom and dad and baby photos. Much better than your Sears family portrait for $9.95 with 64 free wallet photos thrown in, but still, the kind that were probably meant to be on the cover, but were scrapped.

This information answers lots of questions. Probably. It means that Louis was probably not a damage control baby unless Sandra knew all of these revelations were coming. We will assume she didn't. It also means she probably got paid big bucks to be on the cover of the magazine, and it wasn't done for any other reason.

The only change was, probably they needed to find a picture of just Sandra. I would like to see the cover photo they originally planned.


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