Texans Slam TV Station For Using 'Muslim' Word for Dust Storm


Lubbock, Texas news station KCBD shared an alert from the US National Weather Service on Tuesday night.

KCBD re-posted a warning from the US National Weather Service on Facebook that read:

Haboob northwest of Lubbock as seen from the Science Spectrum. If you must drive west of Lubbock, plan for near-zero visibility in blowing dust and strong winds of 50+ mph.

According to AATTP.org, the word "haboob" deeply offended some Texans who didn't like the TV station using a "Muslim" word.

The responses on Facebook included:

If the shoe fits ! ok people it is a DUST STORM . we do not live in Iraq or wear rags on our heads & in the U.S.A what we had is a Dust Storm NOT a Haboob... it is Even in our History books . you bleeding hearts wanna change that Too ? there has NEVER been a Haboob in Texas. Much less in America!

Why can't you people understand Arabs are not our friends? Have you forgotten 9-11, do you not realize Obamma is destroying our country, and just because someone says something YOU Don't agree with, doesn't make them racists, ignorant, or uneducated?

"Going back more technically in meteorological literature, haboob is the correct term," Jody James, a warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service, told KCBD.

"Sometimes people more informally may refer to it as a sandstorm or a dust storm," added James.

"It is a word of Arabic origin but we have a lot of words like that, like algebra. Cotton is actually an Arabic word so whether we know it or not we have a lot of Arabic words in our lexicon," James explained.

Sources: KCBD, AATTP.org, Facebook


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