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Hilarious Prank Video Brings Jurassic Park to Life (Video)

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Dozens of passerbys received a shock when they walked through a bike path in Barrington, Rhode Island and a Tyrannosaurus rex jumped from the bushes in an elaborate prank. 

To get people's attention, New York-based Jay Lichtenberger and his team from Pranks Channel created a giant dinosaur nest on the edge of a bike and running path. As people walked by, a costumed performer ran out to the sound of a load roar.

"Go away, go away!" one woman cried. "We're not going to touch your eggs."

In another instance, a woman abandoned her two small children and ran from the T-Rex.

Another passerby cried in fear that Jurassic Park was real.

The video has accumulated over 136,000 views so far.

Last year, the group pulled a similar prank and uploaded it to YouTube. The video accumulated 1.7 million views.

Sources: Daily Mail, AOL


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