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Tense Exchange On TV Newscast, 'Don’t Ever Touch Me Again' (Video)

A Denver, Colorado, news station recently released a blooper from one of its broadcasts that's brimming with on-air tension.

The 9news segment began a downward spiral when Kathy Sabine asked Kyle Clark and Kim Christiansen, "Do you smell out here, what's going on?"

Apparently, Clark was offended, but Sabine said she was referring to the smell of "orange blossoms," noted (video below).

Clark then made a remark about Sabine's hairspray. reports that Sabine later asked Clark if he used any products in his hair and touched his head, which prompted him to reply, "Please don’t ever touch me again."

Christiansen tried to make innocent comments to defuse the tension, which increased during the intro to a weather forecast.

Sources:,, 9news
Image Credit: KUSA 9news Denver Screenshot


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