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Listen: Telekinesis releases "Ghosts and Creatures"

Michael Benjamin Lerner, i.e. Telekinesis, just released single "Ghosts and Creatures" and it is four minutes of musical gold.

Based out of Seattle, Lerner recorded his first studio album in late 2008 and signed with Merge Records in 2009.

"Ghosts and Creatures" is a soulful confession that will impress and inspire you. Lerner's voice is fervent, wrought with emotion, yet at the same time strong and steady.

Underneath the vocals are a mixture of echoing piano chords and ethereal strings, which are brought together by the deep synth and drums. Usually when a song sounds this heavenly, I don't expect much from lyrics, but Lerner's poeticism truly shows through with simple lines like:

"Yeah, I need a friend,

Seein' things in black and white again."

The whole song is a work of art, and I highly recommend giving it a listen. I've had it on repeat for the last two hours, and I still can't get enough... I'm counting down the days until Lerner blesses us with the full album release.


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