"Teen Wolf" Actress Leaks Show Spoiler on Twitter


Actress Holland Roden, who plays the spunky queen bee genius Lydia on MTV’s Teen Wolf, just tweeted a major bombshell for the show’s first season. Spoiler-phobes might want to to avert their eyes now from this juicy morsel of information. On Tuesday morning Roden tweeted the following about a tidbit shared by Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis:

Interesting fact for #teenwolf You’ve already seen more than one Alpha on the show. from our creator @jeffdavis.. stay tuned..

This means that the supernatural teen drama might boast as many as two (or more!) alpha werewolves. The first five episodes have already focused on the hunt to find the alpha werewolf that turned Scott into the titular teen wolf of the show. An alpha, in the world of the show, is the strong and dangerous leader of a pack.

Who are these alphas? That debate will probably drive the rest of the season, but for my money here are my guesses.

Scott’s Dad: We haven’t seen him yet and Scott’s mom seems to think he’s bad news. Plus why else would the alpha be so interested in Scott?

The Vet: He had a fairly odd reaction to seeing pictures of a mountain lion turn into a person in last night’s episode. Suddenly he became way too interested in that sick doberman. Perhaps he’s hiding something?

Jackson: It’s a long shot but he did appear to have scratch marks on the back of his neck, although how recent they are is a mystery. Frankly, my guess is red herring with this one.

The Coach: Ok, this guess is totally out of nowhere, but just think about it. It would explain his frantic energy and interest in Scott. Plus wouldn’t it be nice to have an alpha who likes to be called cupcake?

Who do you think could be one or both of the alphas? Sound off in the comments!


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