Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley Arrested Following Fight With Amber

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While sitting inside a silver Dodge parked just outside of a police station at about 1AM last night, Teen Mom stars Gary Shirley and baby mama Amber Portwood‘s heated arguing caught the attention of a passing police officer.

Out of concern, the officer went over to the vehicle to check out the situation.

Gary told the cop that he and Amber were the stars of the MTV reality and were asked for identification. When Shirley handed over his ID, the cop did a license check and discovered that the license had been suspended.

Shirley was then taken into custody by the officer who required the use of two sets of hand cuffs (cuz Gary is enormous) and hauled him into the station.

According to the cops report; “I placed Mr. Shirley in two sets of handcuffs due to his size.” Gary was taken to a nearby jail and his bond was set at $3,000. He has since been released.

Gary’s attorney told TMZ “I am not concerned about him being sentenced to a jail term. It’s a traffic violation and Gary doesn’t have a previous criminal history”, and added “We hope we can resolve the license issue so this won’t happen again.”

Poor Leah. Both her parents have been arrested… not the best example for such a little sweetie pie.

Will the drama between these two ever cease? Ugh!

UPDATE (Allie): Gary has responded to the arrest via his Twitter saying, “It was a big mistake…. please learn don’t break the law… I’m not proud i do have a daughter to worry about.”

And about the alleged argument, “Funny thing is we weren’t arguing. She was upset about something someone did to her. And she had no I ID on her is y I said who she was”

“I really hate people who talk to media who don’t know sh#t just want there name out there. Small towns n such. Gettin theirs.”


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