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Tabloids Begin Glamorizing MTV's Teen Moms

When I first wrote about "Teen Moms," I think it was at the end of the first season and still called "16 And Pregnant." I don't remember exactly what I wrote, but I do remember that I liked the show, but thought it would encourage other teens to probably get pregnant, and they would see it as an easy way for fame and not actually consider the fact they were bringing a baby into the world, and that there are thousands of teen moms, but only a few chosen for the cast of the show.

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The show is still good, but until a few weeks ago, there was not much outside press about the show. An article every now and then, but everything was pretty much confined to the show. No clubs were paying the moms to show up, and no one was making huge bucks outside the show. That is all changing. Over the past month, almost every tabloid has had Teen Mom on their cover. This week, People becomes the last of the big tabloids to throw one of the couples on their cover.

The couple they chose is one of my favorites. They were smart enough to know they could not raise their baby, and gave the baby up for adoption. I loved following Catelynn and Tyler and their decision. I also like how the show does not glamorize teen pregnancy. What I don't like is now clubs and promoters are starting to call some of the teen moms and offering them money to show up, and that is the part that scares me for other teens, who are not only seeing teen moms on tv and on tabloids, but also in Las Vegas or in clubs, getting paid to be there simply because they got pregnant as teens.


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