"Teen Mom" Amber Regrets Assaulting Baby's Father

On the September 28th episode of “Teen Mom”, Amber Portwood assaulted her former fiance, Gary Shirley, by punching, kicking and screaming at him.

Audiences were shocked that Amber showed a really violent side of herself. The police were called and an investigation was launched into her behavior. There is good news, however. Amber is now facing her anger problems with full force.

She said, “A lot has changed. I haven’t hit him since that fight. When I see myself in that position, it really opens my eyes. I want to stop it, because I don’t want to be like that.”

Since the episode aired, she has been attending couple’s counseling with Gary and is trying to learn to keep her temper in check. She is also working with a counselor “on how to calm down when things happen.” She also revealed, “We are getting close to finding a solution. If I get mad, I always try to think about Leah and how an outburst will affect her.”

As for what she’ll tell their daughter about her violent behavior? She said, “I will teach Leah that what I’ve done wasn’t right.” As far as whether or not she and Gary are doing better, she said that things are still up in the air. She added, “I do love this man…but if we keep fighting then we can’t move forward.”

source: Exclusive: Teen Mom’s Amber Opens Up About Attacking Baby’s Father - [us weekly]


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