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Teen Kicks His Mother on Reality TV Show (Video)

A reality television show recently went off the rails when a teen kicked his own mother during a live broadcast on Lebanon’s Future Television network.

The reality series, which is called "Bil Akeed" (“For Sure”), is supposed to bring families back together, but when this teen boy was reunited with his mother, all hell broke loose (video).

According to Al Aribya, the mother had left the teen's violent father years ago. She recalled how her ex-husband had attacked her in divorce court, which infuriated the teen.

When he tried to defend his father, the mom said her son sounded like a “drunk” teenager.

The teen then leaped onto the studio table and began to kick his dear mother until members of the television crew took him out of the studio, reports The Blaze.

Sources: The Blaze and Al Aribya


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