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Ted Nugent Uses Japanese Racial Slur During Speech to Tea Party (Video)

National Rifle Association (NRA) board member and rocker Ted Nugent has had several concerts cancelled by Indian tribe casinos for making racist remarks, which he strongly denies ever doing.

However, during a speech to the Big Horn Basin Tea Party in Cody, Wyoming, on Aug. 2, Nugent used the racial slur "Japs" while complaining about how America had changed since World War II, notes (video below).

According, Nugent and former Fox News contributor Maj. Gen. (ret.) Paul Vallely were sworn in as deputy sheriffs by local law enforcement at the event.

“Obama should be impeached,” stated Vallely, who got cheers from the crowd. “He needs to be replaced. Now for the life of me, if I was a senator, I would be in [U.S. Senate Majority Leader and Democrat] Harry Reid’s office and I would be stringing him up against the wall.”

Nugent also said that democratically elected leaders should be put on trial.

"We have bent over since World War II because we couldn't believe that good, the universally celebrated good of America crushed the universally understood evil of Japs and Nazis," Nugent stated.

"We couldn't believe that that government that represented us in good over evil could possibly turn on us," added Nugent. "They've turned on us. They've literally turned on us, ranchers being arrested because of gerbils on their range or some families arrested because the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] claims they are building a barn on a wetland where for 200 years of satellite documentation, no moisture."

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