Taylor Swift Used to Cry Over Gossip


It’s no wonder Taylor Swift bares (almost) all in her music.

In a new interview for the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the singer says her career is “the part of my life where I feel most in control.”

With unpredictable relationships and friendships that come and go, Swift at least knows the future of her career is largely up to her.

“When I’m in management meetings when we’re deciding my future, those decisions are left up to me,” she tells the magazine.

“I’m the one who has to go out and fulfill all these obligations,” continues Swift, “so I should be able to choose which ones I do or not.”

That logic also extends to the songstress’ finances, with Swift admitting, “I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on the big things, like cars or jewelry. I’ll rent a house on the beach or something, bring my girlfriends.”

And when that happens, it’s all about pleasure — not business.

Swift reveals, “We never talk about fashion, about career, about our ambitions or our projects. We just talk about relationships, feelings, love, and boys.”

The “Begin Again” singer also attributes her level-head to avoiding the seemingly never-ending stream of gossip that surrounds her.

“What I had to learn to do, in order to maintain a general happiness in my life, was to stop reading everything,” she explains.

Swift adds, “And then it gets really bad if you go through a breakup and those blogs have these polls asking, ‘Who should they date next?’ And you’re just sitting there staring at the laptop bawling.”

“But you can live in a normal world where a breakup is just a breakup if you don’t expose yourself to what’s being speculated about yourself,” she tells the magazine. “That’s where I live now.”


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