Taylor Swift Sends Private Jet to Pick Up Conor Kennedy


Apparently one week apart was much too long for Taylor Swift to be apart from her new boyfriend, Conor Kennedy. So, instead of just talking to him on Skype like most 22 year olds would do when across the country from their 18 year old boyfriend, Taylor Swift sent her private jet to go get the freshmen college student.

Yeah, no bus tickets or flying coach for this guy. Straight up private jet time. That is what? $50K? According to The NY Post, the family is actually expecting a call from Conor saying that the couple decided to get married. Wow.

You know what kind of platinum selling album Taylor could get out of that one? A broken marriage? So far she has done pretty well for herself just writing about guys she has dated for a few weeks or months. I wonder why she decided to make the switch from older guys back to younger guys.


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