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Taylor Swift Releases New Music Video for ‘22’

Today's date is Taylor Swift’s lucky number and she celebrated by going on “Good Morning America” to release her new music video for “22.”

The country singer was not in the “Good Morning America” studio because she is starting her Red tour but introduced the music video from Omaha, Nebraska.

Taylor says in the introduction, “We shot this video last month in Malibu. I've never had this much fun shooting a video because my friends in the video are actually my real life best friends.”

The singer sports a shirt in the video that says “Not a Lot Going On at the Moment” which is probably in response to all of the dramatic headlines about her recent break up with Harry Styles.

The video shows Taylor dancing with her friends, playing dress up, relaxing at the beach and having a party.

You can check the video out here: ABC News


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