Taylor Swift Obtains Restraining Order Against Stalker


Taylor Swift has officially applied for and obtained a restraining order against Timothy Sweet, the man who has stalked her since 2011 and claims to be her husband.

“My wife Taylor Swift (Sweet) and I live in Beverley Hills [sic],” Sweet wrote. “I am in love with her.”

In other messages, Sweet has threatened to kill anyone who stands between him and his “wife,” including Secretary of State John Kerry.

Swift told reporters that Sweet’s constant stalking is “seriously alarming” and that the constant flow of messages and phone calls is distressing for her family. Swift has stated that she has no interest in interacting or communicating with Sweet.

The temporary restraining order was ordered by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge and requires that Sweet stay at least 100 feet away from Swift, her mother, father and younger brother.

The restraining order will expire on March 25. It is unclear whether the Los Angeles Superior Court will extend the order after its expiration.

Sources: Inquisitir, TMZ


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