Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Dating?

Taylor Swift wrote a few songs about her ex-boyfriends, but she has yet to pen anything about rumored new love interest, Jake Gyllenhaal.

I guess we’ll have to see how it goes between them first, right? And he’s hot, so this could get steamy!! If the rumors are true, that is. But if she writes anything bad about Jake, I’ll be done with her.

According to reports, when Emma Stone hosted “Saturday Night Live”, Taylor was backstage with Jake. She brought him along as her official date for the evening. They were spotted flirting and being cute with each other. A spy on the set said, “It was more than just friends.”

The twosome are said to be spending a lot of time together, going to brunch, shopping and other cutesy couple stuff.

How cute! If she stopped dating around, do you think she would run out of material for her albums? I’m all about contributing to the cause.

What do you think of their relationship? Will it last?

source: Swifty & Jakey! - [lainey gossip]

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